Being Slim Means Being Happy! -42 lbs in 1 Month.

A couple of years ago, I would have never even thought about slimming down.
I didn’t have any issues with weight, that’s why I preferred not to think about it.
I didn’t consider 174 lbs to be a problem. I had some cellulite, but it wasn’t that bad.
And I had a boyfriend. We dated for about six months: we would go out and have dessert, and he gave me chocolate all the time.
That’s when I put on those excess 22 lbs. It all happened gradually, that’s why I failed to notice it. But he did.
He would often go somewhere in the evenings, and when he did stay home, he spent his time sitting in front of a computer.
I couldn’t understand what was wrong, why he was like that.

I was so mad at him, I was hurt so much! I spent the whole night in tears.
The next morning, a friend told me that the best way to stop being depressed was to start a new relationship. That’s how I met Max.

Upon the advice of my friend, I met a guy on the Internet.
As far as I understood, he was looking for a serious relationship too, that’s why he said we shouldn’t waste any time and should start dating as quickly as possible.
He looked handsome and sporty in his pictures, so I had no objections.

We agreed to meet at the bus stop next to the place where I lived, and it was the quickest date in the world.
When I came up to the bus stop, he was waiting for me with a dozen of gorgeous roses in his hands.
I immediately recognised him because I had studied his pictures quite well on his social media pages.
He saw me too, and started walking towards me. He was smiling, he obviously recognised me too.
But the closer he got, the unhappier he looked. When he finally reached me, he stepped aside with a frowny face and walked past me.
I stopped, looked back and saw him walking away. He didn’t look back. I stood there, with a big question mark in my head.

That’s when I got furious. What fat was he talking about? Was I that obese? There were probably a few extra pounds. Did I really look like an elephant?

I didn’t look for anyone else on the Internet, because I had no intention to suffer humiliation any more.
I spent the entire weekend in tears, comfort-eating cookies and ice cream. I didn’t care about my shape anymore. It couldn’t get any worse anyway.

But life goes on. I had to do something. If society couldn’t accept me the way I was, I had to change.
The same friend I’ve already mentioned took me to the gym. Everyone knows that running helps you lose weight.
I hate running, but I made myself do it anyway. I ran for an hour every day for 3 days in a row.
My legs hurt so much that it was hard to stand. And the result? I lost about 1.3 lbs in 3 days! At the same time, I ate so much that weekend that I put on more weight than I lost.
As a result, I was exhausted and had no motivation to go on training.
I felt totally drained and tired, so I started looking for an answer on the Internet.
I think I read through all the blogs and forums out there.

It turned out that the fastest weight loss solution was a special product developed by the International Association of Nutritionists.
It is absolutely safe for health, and it even helps remove toxins and cholesterol from the body.
It is called Cappuccino Fit , and it’s a shake mix made from natural components. You don’t have to exhaust yourself at the gym, and you don’t need to keep to any diets.
Everything you need to do is to drink it for breakfast and 3 hours before sleep. Fat starts melting away before your eyes!
This product already received thousands of praising reviews, and I thought it was time to say goodbye to my cellulite, fat folds and belly.

With the help of this product, I ended up losing 20 lbs in a week, my belly and thighs had become visibly slimmer.
Anyhow, I took Cappuccino Fit for about a month after that, and I got rid of all the fat in my body, and cellulite was gone too.

To my surprise, my breasts got a bit smaller, but in exchange they became tighter. My buttocks also became more contoured, and firm as apples.

I lost 42 lbs in 1 month without fasting or exhausting exercise. I had to buy new clothes, but it was worth it!

I started enjoying going to the beach. I bought a lot of bikinis and never missed an opportunity to spend some time by the water.
That’s where I met someone special, and we are together now.
He thought I was kidding when I told him my ex-boyfriend had dumped me and another guy had made fun of me.
I love it when he carries me in his arms. He says I am light as a feather.