How to cure tinnitus – A complete guideline

Feeling to hear awkward sounds like ringing or maybe hissing and buzzing in your ear? If you are, then possibilities are, you are suffering from tinnitus. Tinnitus is disturbing and horrifying at the same time.
Is tinnitus a dangerous disease? No, tinnitus isn’t a disease; it’s just a symptom that shows your hearing system is facing some problems.
As tinnitus isn’t a disease, there is no way to cure it. However, you can learn how to cure tinnitus, and how to live with it comfortably.
Some remedies improve your condition and reduce the problem, and who knows if it’s temporary, then you can cure it quickly.
The home remedies for tinnitus will help you to live a better life, and if you want to start solving the problem, then scroll down and let’s know how to treat tinnitus, and find a cure together!

Things you should know about tinnitus.

Before knowing about the cures, you should understand what tinnitus is, how it occurs, and how to prevent tinnitus.

Well, this valuable information will help you to understand what tinnitus is and how you can avoid it. So, let’s get into it!
As mentioned earlier, tinnitus isn’t a disease. It’s a symptom that you have some problem in your auditory (system that helps you hear) system.
Someone suffering from tinnitus can hear awful sounds like it’s ringing, buzzing, or clicking in their ears.
Some hear it in one ear, and some hear it in both ears. Another sad news is, it can be a temporary problem or something that keeps happening continuously.
Sounds terrible, right?

There are more you must know! The sounds in your ear can be something that rings for a while or a long day.
The sound level can be mild or very noisy. Most people feel it when they are hearing or working or sleeping.
We guess, now you understand how disturbing it can be!
Maybe you are thinking, if it’s not curable, what am I doing here? Did we use clickbait to attract you?
No! As we described before, the sound isn’t stoppable, but you can reduce the intensity of sound, or else you’ll learn to live with it comfortably.

Prevention of Tinnitus

There is only one way to save yourself from tinnitus, and that is, save yourself from loud noise. That’s why protecting your ear from loud noises is essential.

For protecting your ears, use earbuds. Moreover, don’t go to the places where the sound is a bit or too loud.
Don’t use earphones on the maximum level of volume. There’s a minimum level that keeps your ear safe (every phone recommends while increasing the volume), don’t go above that.
Keep your ear clean and avoid too noisy places.

Things that make tinnitus worse

Several things make tinnitus worse, and your first step towards a cure is to avoid it. Here are the things that make tinnitus worse-
• Alcohol
• Drinks that contain caffeine (tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, energy drinks, etc.)
• Too much salt
• Smoking
• Quiet environment
• Stress and anxiety
• Pain killers like Aspirin
We guess now you know what to avoid to have a comfortable life.

What to do when tinnitus strikes: Home remedies for tinnitus

The ringing in ears bothers you most when you are in a quiet environment. That’s why, when you are in a calm environment-

• Listen to soft music
• Listen to radio, TV or at least listen to the fan’s sound
• Hear white sound in the background.
• Take TRT or CBT (tinnitus retraining therapy) (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
You can also listen to natural sounds like a waterfall or ocean waves sound. Moreover, you can also meditate at this time.
We hope now you are wondering how relaxing the cure can be!

Other tinnitus Remedies

Still, there are many more to know about how to treat tinnitus. There are more tinnitus remedies you should know about! Here they are-

• Medication

Sometimes, because medicine isn’t suiting, you can be the reason for tinnitus.
In that case, consult with your doctor, and if your reason is valid, then he will make a change in the medication plan, which should reduce or stop the ringing in the ears.

• Impacted Cerumen removal

Removing the cerumen (impacted earwax) can reduce the symptoms.

• Blood vessel condition

If your blood vessel isn’t in good condition, then treating it can solve it. For treating it, medicine or surgery may require.

• White noise machines

If your blood vessel isn’t in good condition, then treating it can solve it. For treating it, medicine or surgery may require.
You can use white noise machines to avoid the tinnitus’s weird noises. White machines will produce natural and relaxing sounds that’ll help you relax and keep your anxiety away.
You can use it in your pillow while sleeping. Even you can use it with your fan or AC for a night of relaxing night sleep.

•Sound Masking devices

Masking devices are a great option. It’s wearable, and it produces a low level of white noise (as we described before). It’ll help you to avoid the ringing in your ears.

• Hearing Aids

As we all know, hearing aids are for those who are having hearing problems. However, hearing aids are also relaxing for tinnitus


There are a few medications out there about this specific problem, but we will recommend you visit a doctor, and he’ll advise you on medication if it’s necessary. Hopefully, you have found a way to treat your tinnitus. If you haven’t, in the next section, you’ll learn something as crucial as cures.

How to cope (survive) with tinnitus?

How to cure tinnitus
As we said before, tinnitus isn’t something that vanishes away in a few days. Somewhere it always stays. So, it’s better to learn to live with it. How? Here are some following tips-

• Learn about it

Learn properly about tinnitus, and try to be updated about it. In that way, you’ll learn what you have to do, and what you can’t. That’s how surviving with tinnitus will be much easier for you.

• Seek for Supports

There are several groups available locally and over the internet on tinnitus. In these groups, people suffering from tinnitus share their experiences and share how they survive with this. If you are looking for a support group like this, go for a group instructed by a qualified health professional.

• Counseling

Counseling is a legit way to learn to live with tinnitus. A certified psychologist will help you to learn how you can avoid those distracting noises.
Not just that, a professional will also help you if you are suffering from depression because of this disease.
You must be wondering; how can a small symptom make your life hell like this! Well, this is what it is! You can’t avoid it! So, just learn to live with it comfortably.

When to visit a doctor?

Tinnitus isn’t that serious problem. However, if you aren’t able to sleep at night or feel like you can’t hear properly, you should visit a medicine specialist doctor.
After that, he’ll check your ears properly, and if he finds something serious, then he’ll refer you to an audiologist.
However, If you face anything serious like facial-paralysis or too loud ringing in ears or hearing loss all of a sudden, then you should go for emergency treatment.

Note : People suffering from tinnitus often suffer from anxiety and depression. Some of them are suicidal. So, be carefull about that all the time!

Final Words

We hope now you understand everything about how to cure tinnitus. We know tinnitus is a complicated symptom, and there is no guaranteed cure for it. Still, don’t get frustrated!

Before concluding, here is a tip for us: Tinnitus is an unsolvable symptom. Still, if you follow all the necessary steps and stay in touch with a psychologist, very soon, you’ll learn to live with it comfortably.